Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Audacity of Evil

Today I was shocked to see a pro-Mormon puff piece on the site  There can not be much integrity behind a site that claims to represent gays when it attempts to legitimize Mormons, for nobody has done more to encourage violence, discrimination, and hate against gays in the United States than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 1993 a surprise decision by the Hawaii Supreme Court indicated that finally the period where gay rights were considered secondary or even pornographic in the legal field was coming to an end.  There was still no hint that the religious hate which was behind all anti-gay laws would be seen for what it was, but once the first domino had fallen, there would likely be strong pressure in other states to see reason.

The Mormons swung into action. They created a pressure group, ostensibly non-Mormon, and then delivered most of its funding.

The Mormon front group immediately engaged in illegal fundraising, and likely in flat out bribery of the Hawaiian legislature.

Gay marriage was stopped in Hawaii.

They continued their reign of terror in Vermont, which has almost no Mormons, but where they managed to drop something like a million dollars, leaving Vermont temporarily with civil unions rather than marriage.

And they have continued their practices in every state, most infamously in California where they accounted for $22 million and 25,000 volunteers,  and are apparently even today the financial muscle behind the "NOM"

Mormons have even been involved in advocating violence against gays in Uganda.

And yet a lesbian and gay website was so hard up for cash they allowed the Mormons to place a puff piece on their site, even while the Mormon presidential candidate who will benefit from this p.r. campaign, has signed a pledge to "investigate" the alleged "persecution" of  the those who deny gays marriage.

It is clear that the editors of are the dumbest, most turncoat gays on the planet.  And it shows that the Mormons will tell any lie and pursue any avenue in order to take over the government. And then Romney's true evil will be unveiled.

From the 2008 campaign, a small sampling of Romney's lies.

Romney engages in what's called "Lying for the Lord,"  a sanctioned Mormon practice where Mormons are encouraged to fool the gentiles if it leads to the betterment of the church, such as controlling the national executive would be.  They are so arrogant they think they can fool even gays into voting for a man dedicated to violence against gay people.

Yes, all religions to some extent practice this, but few so baldly state it as a virtue.

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