Thursday, December 15, 2011

T. Coleman Andrews III

Mitt's partner in founding Bain Capital, and a major source of funding for his campaign today, is the grandson of a man who ran for president on the segregationist States' Rights Party platform!

Has anything really changed in America? The GOP continues to push states' rights.  T. Coleman Andrews was also against the income tax.   Does Romney have an unstated agenda to eliminate this as well?  Is Romney a Republican, or a States' Righter?!

Actually, it's none too clear.  T. Coleman Andrews called his party "States' Rights" but it was not the States' Rights Democratic Party that nominated Strom Thurmond in '48, nor the National States' Rights Party of white supremacy today, nor the American Independent Party that nominated George Wallace in '68, nor the Constitution Party of old-right wing fame although one online biographer misleadingly identifies it as Andrews' party .  It was  a Segregation Party and a party against the Income Tax, but it was really just a handy label for Andrews and his running mate, a California republican.  They only got 107,000 votes, chiefly in Virginia.   He was also a supporter of General Walker of JFK assassination conspiracy theory fame.

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