Monday, March 5, 2012

The Comeback Kid says Romney's Media Empire

It seems that every time there is an election, Mitt Romney makes a comeback. How can this be? He runs ads, but none of them are very convincing, and new dirt emerges on him almost every day.

It turns out there is another reason why Mitt Romney is able to "come back" time after time.
It is by now well known that Bain Capital, the company he headed for many years, owns Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest radio chain with 850 stations and purveyor of talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and (Mormon) Glenn Beck (see link).


Less well known is that until last August, when it went private, Bain Capital also owned  - Atlanta's Cumulus Media, the nation's second biggest radio empire, after Clear Channel, with 570 stations.

So, can one turn to the Newspapers in order to avoid Mitt mania?

Well, the largest US chain is Gannett.  The largest shareholder in Gannett is Integrity Asset Management, a hedge fund.  Integrity is owned by Munder Capital Management of Birmingham, Michigan and Boston.  Lee Munder was Romney's Florida campaign co-finance chair

Romney with Munder

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