Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yahoo "News" makes fraudulent claim that "facts" don't support Obama outsourcing ad

Yahoo had a teaser "Facts Contradict Obama ad" followed by an even more shrill and fake inside headline "Obama ad doesn't stand up to the facts" followed by the following comment "The President's campaign accuses Romney of outsourcing jobs to China, but the claim has been debunked. Lies (in blue)."  Then there is a link to a highly biased, obviously Republican planted fake "fact check" article.

The problem is of course that that article is a lie.  The Obama ad is based on a Washington Post article that mentions specific investments Bain Capital made that specialized in outsourcing call centers.

While the article says Bain Capital was not the primary player in the Outsourcing, it does not add that another company Romney once headed, Bain CONSULTING, actually was one of the biggest outsourcers of American jobs in the last twenty years.  Bain Consulting created Romney's career.  After he left to found Bain Capital in 1984, he came back when Bain Consulting was having difficulties, brokered a deal between the founders and the new breed of partners (many of them foreign) and set the stage for Bain Consulting's global expansion and offshoring work.

Here is a 2005 Bain & Co. (Consulting) document telling companies to get past the "whether" to offshore to India and China and just do it.

While Romney can't be held personally responsible for what Bain Consulting does, neither can he be absolved of responsibility.  It is a joke that he pretends to get tough on China when the professional philosophy and professional companies he has worked with all have led the way in outsourcing to China.

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