Friday, September 7, 2012

The real reason Romney has been hiding this week: Taibbi nailed him

Rachel Maddow has been confused as to why Mitt Romney took time off after the GOP  convention instead of trying to capitalize on it.  Was it because the convention was difficult, and the results a bit disappointing? Was it because the Democrats held center stage this week? On the contrary, all the more reason to be in the news jeering at them.

No, the reason Mitt Romney probably took off this week is a new article by Matt Taibbi in the September 13 issue of "Rolling Stone," which hit the newsstands around August 29.   Readers of this blog have known for months that MR's business model at Bain Capital was based on fraud, not finance, making companies take loans and then looting the money while forcing them to pay it back, a scenario honest lenders would never have allowed had they suspected.

But Mitt Romney wasn't worried about this blog.  It's a different story when a professional author and investigative reporter like Matt Taibbi is able to blow the whistle with ample illustrations and laser-like focus on all that borrowed money in a national circulation magazine like "Rolling Stone."  It means that all Obama has to do to win the election, is to find a way for everybody in America to read the story and understand what is in it.  Come to think of it, that's an almost impossible task; but having been caught red-handed, Romney had to take time off to think how he can remove this obvious stumbling block to his heroic life story, one that will clearly have more power to define him to historians than anything written about him before.

Remember where Romney is coming from.  He belongs to the same generation of arrogant entitled baby boomers who made sex and free love cornerstones of the sixties.  Romney opposed the specifics as a conservative, but he is the same generation and has been told since he was young that it was a divine prophecy that he serve as the first Mormon president.  Making money honestly is hard.  Making money fast means using leverage, and there were lots of greedy entitled baby boomers who thought history and the USA and their parents owed them fame and fortune,  and had no qualms about stealing to make that happen.  This country raised an entire generation of spoiled white men who were allowed to loot its business and then its political culture.  In this case, Romney stole the credit and reputation of the companies he bought with borrowed money, which means his victims were the banks which lent to these companies on their good names as well as the workers whose jobs he took.  But the Mormon God threw the dust in the eyes of all the dummies who let him get away with it so that he could advance the cause of God on earth.

That's why doesn't believe he did anything wrong, or even unethical. It was his destiny, you see.  He's a spoiled brat who should not be trusted with any responsibilities by anyone.

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