Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maine: More Fraud in the Mitt Success Story; the Abortion story is true

Mitt Romney supposedly "won" Maine, although his vote total dropped 25% compared to 2008 when he did win that state.  Maine was the first state which will show an increase in turnout in 2012 compared to 2008, and apparently that was entirely due to the Ron Paul enthusiasts, who almost upset Romney.  Losing to Paul would have been an embarrassment to the Bush and Rove approved frontrunner, so a Paul-heavy county had its caucuses postponed to prevent this untoward possibility.

And indeed, the Maine state party chairman has already said Washington County's votes WILL NOT COUNT in the state totals (last line in the article from the Kennebec Journal):

As in Iowa, democracy has become a sham in order to give us the Romney story he wants.

Meanwhile, today the New York Times ran an article on Mitt Romney and abortion, detailing his moving position.  As usual, the reporters soft-balled it, not even to see if it was true that Mitt Romney's mother supported abortion rights and had a relative killed in a botched abortion.  It's the kind of perfect lie setup for Romney: even if he knows it to be untrue, he could always blame it on his mother, and what boy wouldn't believe his mother?

Salon, however, looked into the details last August.  Ann Keenan was six years older than Mitt and her brother married his sister, distant enough relation that would not have reflected on the upbringing of the governor's son.  Romney was 16 and his dad was Governor when she died (old enough for him to have impregnated her).

How curious that this one Romney story turned out to be true!

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