Friday, February 3, 2012

Romney votes 4% of total population in Florida

Mitt Romney won Florida, it is said, rather handily.  He spend $15.5 million dollars on television ads alone, meaning his total campaign costs of the state would have exceeded $1 for every man woman and child in the state of 19 million.

Mitt received 771,000 votes, a whopping 4% of the population deciding he'd be a good president, and less than half the total votes cast in the Republican primary.  That's less than 200,000 more votes than he got in 2008, and in total, GOP primary votes declined 300,000 from 2008 to 2012.  The simple explanation for his improved performance might be that he picked up the Giuliani voters from 2008, but his geographic strength shifted, making it likely that many who supported him in 2008 in the North of Florida no longer do; and many who didn't support him in Tampa and South Florida now do.  Then he was a conservative challenger to John McCain.  Now he is being painted as a moderate, although that is certainly unfair to him.  The decline in votes probably doesn't worry them as much as you might think.  On the surface, it means people are unenthusiastic. However, it may also reflect deliberate vote suppression engineered by the GOP to deprive minorities (particularly the unsympathetic black and Hispanic minorities) of votes.  In this, early voting was cut by one-third and Saturdays eliminated to stop people with jobs from voting while the elderly can still manage.

In the  meantime, an alert blogger has noticed a severe drop in Romney's local taxes, suggesting he is using his multiple residences to avoid tax and therefore may be voting in Massachusetts while claiming residence in New Hampshire for tax purposes and spending most of his time in California!

Romney's win was enough, however, to bring Donald Trump over to his side, which reminds one of the old statement of Malcom Muggeridge, who then was referring to the English: "A ruling class which is on the run, as ours is, is capable of every fatuity. It makes the wrong decisions, chooses the wrong people, and is unable to recognize its enemies - if it does not actually prefer them to its friends."

Donald Trump would not profit from a Romney gangster government, but from some desperation or other, he has been driven into the Romney camp.

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