Friday, June 8, 2012

Bishop Romney makes private profit a moral crusade, outed as a Creepy Uniform Fetishist

Mitt Romney reached back to his Mormon roots, accusing Obama of a "moral failure" in not leading a fabulous economic recovery, never mind that the private economy stagnated for eight years under conservative George W. Bush.

The attempt to frame economic issues as a moral crusade - but in defiance of where one might normally see it, such as caring for the poor - is standard Mormon pap.  Mormon theology holds that Greed is Good because of God's mystical intervention, not because fairness, social risk spreading, and non-discrimination in a money economy lead to a higher value on work.  The Mormons believe, as one of America's largest sources of private capital, that there is no intrinsic value in work and they prefer a gambling society where people pay for a chance of getting rich, rather than working for steady rewards as demonstrated in Las Vegas, much of it financed by Mormon banker Parry Thomas.  Now America is getting a full view of this particular crazy lie, and from a truly creepy man.

It turns out that Mitt Romney illegally impersonated police officers both as a teen in Michigan, where his dad supplied the uniforms, and at Stanford University in California.  Was he caught? Was that why he never returned to Stanford after his mission?

The public rightly associates this type of behavior with rapists and serial killers, since it shows a compulsive need for power over and control of others.

Meanwhile, the evidence is piling up that Bain Capital were never any kind of business geniuses.

True, Bill Clinton referred to Romney's "sterling" business record, but as previously noted in the blog about Jimmy Carter, the old line Democratic politicians are trying to minimize the obvious threat a psychopath like Romney represents by making him into "normal" businessman within the existing parameters of acceptable American politics.  Given the record of the nation's previous businessman presidents - Bush II and Hoover - that seems like a bad idea.

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