Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Romney has fewer primary votes than John McCain in 2008

The last Republican primary occurred yesterday in Utah.  Romney got 205K votes, substantially less than he got in Utah in 2008, when they had an early primary.



This doesn't mean that he won't easily carry Utah in November.  But it does cement a picture of a fairly unlikeable candidate when even triumphant Mormons won't turn out for him.

In 2008, before he went on to lose miserably in November, John McCain elicited 9,840K votes in the primary.

In 2012, if you add his Utah total of 205K votes to his previous total of 9,414K votes, you see that Romney's total for all 50 states will be 9,619K votes.,_2012

In short, both years, fewer than 10 million voters determined the Republican nominee, a small enough total for the 1% wealthiest Americans (3 million people, 2 million voters) to have a decisive influence based on their numbers.

The country has added millions of residents since 2008, but the actual vote total for the winning Republican went down.  It is hard to argue that Romney is any kind of popular candidate.

Nonetheless, the Republicans are brimming with confidence this year, because the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance gives them unlimited corporate spending.

This is a true test to see if money alone can defeat the will of the people, by confusing them through slanted news (owned by Bain Capital, its allies, and Fox), by misleading them with lying ads, by suppressing their votes, and by systematic election fraud. The question is, can the overwhelming majority of Americans be hypnotized into consenting to the continuing rape of their nation?  Mind control experts and hypnotists say yes:

Derren Brown with subliminal advertising

Derren Brown creates an assassin

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