Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Romney proves that the Narcissistic Office Seeker is the best side of his personality

Mitt Romney continued his world tour, and he and his staff generated a series of gaffes when outside the cone of friendship they get from an American press owned or cowed by Romney's friends.

You will recall in Britain his aides spoke to the British press under the cloak of anonymity since Romney had ordered them not to criticize America's foreign policy to the foreign press.   Romney limited his own remarks to criticizing Britain's Olympics.  In Israel, Romney threw all that out the window by slamming Obama's foreign policy himself, threatening war with Iran (which he did much more explicitly in the Republican debates) and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

He also got in a bizarre and frankly racist dig at Palestinians by equating culture with GDP, something that Israel might not be comfortable with, since Saudi Arabia has a higher GDP than their own.  Is Romney implying he would favor the Saudis over Israel? It is highly likely he hasn't thought that far.

Israel was quick to lavish praise on Romney, in the odd belief that Obama is as bad for Israel as American politics can generate, a curious and nonsensical view that perhaps attributes too much power to the money American Jews have given Romney.  Romney could finance his own campaign without their help, and it is unlikely he will feel any special gratitude to Jews or Israel because of money they have given him.

By then, Romney was on his way to Poland for more gaffes, this time using abusive language towards Russia and pretending the US had abandoned Poland under Obama, while his foreign press secretary attacked the press who wanted to ask questions.  He also heaped praise on the labor union Solidarity, an odd choice considering he is very antilabor.

Any previous American politician to do this sort of thing (George Ball, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, to name some examples) has been accused of being traitors by the American media, something that did not happen with Romney since they are owned by his friends and will do anything to spin everything in his favor (see CNN take)

What is clear is that Romney is at his most likeable when he is talking about himself and his ambition.  When he has to pander to the wishes of others, he tends to bungle his 5 minute study of foreign policy questions in his anxious desire to please.

Now all that remains is for the Romney horse to compete in the Olympics. Just as they are trying to buy the presidency, the Romneys also aim to buy an Olympic medal in dressage, through the medium of a German-born dressage rider and a 15 year old horse, whose ownership Ann Romney shares with Romney campaign manager Beth Myers and the wife of the rider.  Presumably the Romneys staked them their share.

The USA has not won an Olympic individual dressage medal since 1932, but has won 7 team medals, most recently a bronze in 2004.  Germany and the Netherlands have dominated the sport since 1992.
Ann's chosen professional is a German born rider who has been on the fringes of the US national team for many years and her personal coach.

On the other hand, if they do win a medal, their horse might have to take a drug test, so don't look for Rafalca to have a breakout performance.

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