Friday, August 3, 2012

Still further Association between Romney and Child Abuse Camps

Readers of this blog will be aware that a Romney 2008 campaign Utah finance chairman was involved with children's camps accused of child abuse, and that when that man's partner was convicted of some charges, Robert Lichfield resigned from the Romney campaign.  They will also be aware of the association of another disgraced Romney campaign official in Arizona, Sheriff Babeu, with child discipline camps that were also accused of abusing children.  These were the subject of previous posts in this blog

Now we have a third example, a story about still another chain of these camps, Aspen Education, these owned by Romney's company Bain Capital, again accused of child abuse.

What this seems to suggest, is that Romney himself has some kind of perverse interest in this obscure and always controversial corner of American child development, camps which try to save wayward kids with discipline and "tough love." Given Romney's history of forcibly cutting a boy's hair in high school, it may represent an enduring character trait.

Meanwhile, those of you looking for graphic representations of Mitt Romney's narcissism will be interested in Romney Olympic pins, made up and sold by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee.  They said he only "reluctantly" approved these pins because they earned money for the Committee, but now that we've seen Romney in action for awhile, it seems probable he cared more about the pins  than about the Olympics.

We've had some self-involved people running for president before, but surely nobody but Romney has risen to the level of Mao Tse-tung's cult of personality before.

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