Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Real Libyan Timeline:Cheney, GOP was Qaddafi's Hidden Ally

Republicans in Congress are now in hysteria mode blaming Obama for the attack on the U.S. Benghazi consulate. These were the same Republicans who cut the requested increases for worldwide embassy security.  They were the same Republicans who resisted Obama's giving help to the rebels who overthrew Qaddafi.  They were successors to the Republicans who claimed Libya's abandonment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in 2003 as a foreign policy success, believing Qaddafi when they did not believe Saddam Hussein, only to have WMD stockpiles found by the rebels in 2011. It was also revealed a week before the attack that the US had rendered opponents of Qaddafi to Libya for torture by the dictator during the Bush administration. Cheney's Halliburton helped construct Qaddafi's bunker and supplied him with WMD materiel in violation of U.S. law in the 1990s, giving the ex-vice president a profit motive for preferring Libya to Iraq.  Bush left Qaddafi off the Axis of Evil even before Qaddafi renounced WMD, despite Qaddafi's support for terrorism, and seeking and using WMD.  Republicans don't want you to see the real timeline of Libya, which reveals their extensive collaboration with Qaddafi.  It raises the question of who wanted to attack the Libyan consulate Sep. 11.  Al Qaeda or Libyans disgusted by US support for Qaddafi...or, possibly, the kind of Libyan elements who supported Qaddafi and were supported by his American ally, Dick Cheney.

1968 King Idris of Libya signs nuclear non-proliferation treaty
1968 King Idris supports rebels in Chad civil war
1969 King Idris overthrown by army coup from Benghazi. Civilian government installed but Qaddafi made head of the army and the real government
1969 Qaddafi claims strip of Chad. Army defeated by French.
1970 Qaddafi asks Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai to sell him nuclear weapons
1972 Qaddafi buys strip of land in Chad for Libya
1974 Libya and Pakistan agree to share nuclear secrets. 
1975 Qaddafi ratifies the nuclear non-proliferation treaty
1977  Pakistan president assassinated. Libyan nuclear techs sent home.
1978 Libya asks India to sell it nuclear technologies
1978 Libya uses proxies to invade Chad, but proxies defeated
1979: Rebels take power in Chad but cut Qaddafi ties
1980 Libya obtains uranium from Niger
1980 Swiss engineer Tinner begins trying to construct centrifuges for Libya to enrich uranium for bombs
1981 Soviet Union agrees to build nuclear facility in Libya
1981 Libya sends 200 students to U.S. to study nuclear technology
1981 Libya invades Chad, seeks unification of the two countries. OAU and France say no. Libya retreats
1981: US shoots down two Libyan planes
1982 Libya tries to buy nuclear plant in Belgium
1982 Libya supports new revolution in Chad. USA supplies government of Chad.
1982 French troops arrive in Chad
1983 Libyan students sent home. U.S. bans training Libyan students in nuclear technology
1984 Libya contracts to buy uranium conversion plant from Japan
1984: French and Libyans withdraw from Chad
1986 American planes bomb Libyan ships after Libyan planes shoot at them. Libya says it will support terrorism as long as west supports anti-Qaddafi Libyans
1986: Libyans bomb nightclub in Berlin frequented by U.S. soldiers; U.S. bombs Libya
1986: Libya invades Chad again
1986 Soviet nuclear plant construction in Libya suspended
1987: Libya uses mustard gas in latest Chad intervention.  Still defeated.
1987: Libya crushes internal revolt it says was organized by U.S.
1988: Libyan terrorist undertakes Lockerbie bombing of a civilian jet
1993: Halliburton, under the direction of Richard Cheney, sends six neutron generators  to Libya
1993: Halliburton helps build Qaddafi’s bunker
1995: Libya recruits South Africa’s disbanded apartheid era Chemical Warfare unit
1997: Libya buys centrifuge components
2000: Libya succeeds in getting a centrifuge working
2002: Axis of Evil published. Libya not included despite 1) support for terrorists; 2) use of WMD; 3) seeking WMD
2003: US intercepts ship with centrifuge parts for Libya from Malaysia
2003: Just before US attack on Iraq, Libya says willing to dismantle nuclear program
2003: Dec. 19 Libya announced it is done with WMD programs
2003: Libya admits responsibility for Lockerbie bombing
2004: Libya joins chemical weapons treaty
2004: U.S. arrests Tinner
2004: Libya ships nuclear materials to US but some not included. US claims Libyan compliance. Bush and Cheney say Libya's stand down a major victory for Bush foreign policy.
2011: Qaddafi overthrown with US, NATO assistance.  Republicans resisted Libyan “quagmire”
2011: Radioactive materials found in warehouse in Libya; chemical weapons also found despite Republican assertions of Libyan stand down of WMD

Yellow cake uranium:


nerve gasses:

2012: Republican Congress cuts funding for embassy security


2012: Libyans discover USA rendered enemies of Qaddafi to Libya for torture, acting as an ally of the Libyan dictator despite his enmity for the US and possession of WMD.


2012: Benghazi U.S. consulate attacked; Republicans start “investigation” of Obama security failure

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