Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney and voter suppression

Nothing reveals the corruption at the heart of Mitt Romney than his organized effort to prevent legal voters from casting ballots.  People who care about democracy always want people to vote.  Mitt Romney's father was an activist against the poll tax and other means by which blacks were disenfranchised in the South.
Mitt Romney embraces all these tactics and more.  The Republican party is now engaged in the biggest campaign of vote suppression since the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 1960s.  This link on Salon notes the ongoing efforts by Republican officials in every state to prevent people from voting.

It also shows that the Republican National Committee and several Republican state committees were working with Nathan Sproul, who had been implicated in several attempted voter suppression scandals over the last decade.  They only fired him when new scandals have come to light.

It needs to be said that if the Republicans can steal this election, they will.  They have no moral qualms about this.  It is an entire political party at war with the United States of America, and no real patriot on the ticket would ever have allowed it.

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