Thursday, October 25, 2012

Racism is going to be the excuse for Republican Fraud, apparently

In case you're wondering how the Republicans could possibly explain a victory for an unpopular compulsive liar, unpatriotic enough to park his money overseas, who has the personality of a serial killer - in short, how Mitt Romney could be elected president, the Dallas News has already staked out the fake explanation:  racial polarization.

According to this obvious nonsense, whites are showing their disdain for the black candidate, favoring Romney nationwide by 60% to 37%, more than a landslide.  Do you believe that?  Think of your friends and family. Think of your co-workers. Think of all the whites who live in liberal enclaves like college towns and central cities.  Do you believe they favor someone who hasn't studied for the job, who openly lies and changes positions, and who is a high official of an unusual religion  that believes itself morally superior to average Americans? I don't know personally any whites who are for Mitt Romney. I only know of one man I met in a restaurant, and he was motivated by jealousy because he knew teachers he thought made a few thousand dollars too much money. I pointed out how the rich like Romney were stealing our jobs and pensions on a daily basis, but he didn't believe me.  Not one person hearing this exchange in a restaurant rose to his defense.

Even within the article, we find that whites are 2% less of the electorate than they were 4 years ago.  We also find out that inexplicably in Ohio, white women favor Obama by 6 even when white men are solid for Romney by 20, a gender gap unlike anything ever seen before in any American election.

The real story is the polls are faked.  Not one person in 100 wants Mitt Romney to be president.  Of course, being Americans 35% will vote for him anyway, to spite the egos of the majority, but there is no chance he could win this election without fraud.  For Romney to lead among white males in Ohio by twenty points is to pretend that white males in Ohio have no ears to hear and eyes to see....and that this is a change from four years ago, when they did.

They picked this explanation because they think Ivy League liberals will buy it, when you won't find a pickup truck driving, tobacco chewing, beer swilling redneck in the entire state of Ohio who would want to get within 2 miles of Willard Mitt Romney.

Be smart, don't fall for it.  It's a nonsense explanation.  But it is the meme.  Right now the web is circulating another story from AP claiming antiblack and anti-Hispanic attitudes have gotten worse since 2008.

Is it true? Of course not. They also said Hispanics are viewed more negatively than blacks, which is something I don't think any black person would believe.  It is true when times are hard people turn on minorities, but it certainly does not follow they would disdain Obama, who has not done a single one of the terrible things his enemies predicted he would do.  AP is the lynchpin of Republican control of the media.

You are being manipulated.  Mitt Romney cannot be elected president without massive and pervasive vote fraud.

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