Thursday, January 19, 2012

Death behind the wheel: Romney in fatal car crash in 1968

Mitt Romney was seriously injured in a car crash in 1968, when a car he was driving slammed head on into another car in France.  Since that time Mormons have been at pains to spread the idea that it was the other guy, a Catholic priest,  who was at fault, or even drunk.  But there was no official indication of that.  Romney was driving an unfamiliar overloaded car on unfamiliar roads.  Romney was later in another car crash in France. Ann also sent  him a 'Dear John' letter in France at some point, which may have resulted in stress.

This kind of accident is not rare in the United States. Laura W. Bush killed her ex-boyfriend in a car crash, for one.  But you only usually hear about it when it is someone on the left, such as Ted Kennedy's disastrous accident at Chappaquiddick.   When a Republican is behind the wheel, it is only a tragedy.

However, the seriousness of Romney's injuries make one wonder if he sustained brain damage or personality changes from the head injury - perhaps this explains his antisocial seeming personality; and if he is at risk for early death from CTE.

These are the symptoms to watch for:

• Deterioration in attention, concentration, memory
• Disorientation
• Confusion
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Lack of insight
• Poor judgment
• Overt dementia
• Slowed muscular movements
• Staggered gait
• Impeded speech
• Tremors
• Vertigo
• Deafness

 Well, "lack of insight" and "poor judgment" are clearly Romney's but most other politicians' as well.


  1. Your facts are in error. It was a Romney car passenger, the wife of the president of the Mormon mission, who died. No one died in the priest's car and most people involved agreed the priest was at fault. He was speeding and passed a truck and went into Romney's lane. Romney was doing under the speed limit at the time. However, you may be right about Romney and a brain injury. He was thought dead at the scene by the first policeman to arrive and was in a coma for 2-3 days afterwards. Any coma means an acute concussion and possible brain injury. His wife said after he returned from France, he was 'a different person'. I think this subjects needs a further airing, with the recent revelations of bullying in high school. Either he's a liar and does remember that, or he's suffering from memory loss, both of which make him unsuitable for public office.

  2. 'Most' people? Show me a witness who wasn't Mormon who can confirm that. The other car, remember, was driven by a priest who was driving his mother. Yet that hasn't stopped Mormons from claiming he was inebriated. Romney was driving an unfamiliar car on an unfamiliar road, he later had another accident driving in France, his father was running for president, and we now know he received a 'Dear John' letter from Ann while he was in France and may have been under stress. Furthermore, we know the police record of the accident has not been located by any reporter. I will investigate further and correct the post for any mistaken facts.