Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Official: We'll "Never Know" who won the Iowa Caucus

The last  count had Santorum up by 34 votes but the Iowa Republican party claims results from 8 precincts are "missing": ancient codespeak for vote fraud; and that they will never certify the result for 8 precincts (which Santorum won). It was the Iowa Republican party which proclaimed Romney as the winner after misrecording at least one precinct's results to give Romney additional votes.  This is the United States today: no election result, no problem!  Romney said it was a "virtual tie" and so he still can claim victory.

Meanwhile, the blatant fraud continues, as they had awarded Romney 13 delegates and Santorum 12 based on the initial result.  Instead of giving Santorum 13 now, they are giving them 12 each with 1 "unassigned" (read: still Romney).  And they are doing this in the blatant sunshine.

Meanwhile, the press has been filled with stories about Romney stashing millions in Grand Cayman where his company Bain Capital has 138 accounts. The question is, how much wealth does Romney have stashed abroad, and is any of it included in his stated $85-$264 million wealth?


Certainly he has been tithing to the Mormon church, although so far nobody has indicated anything that would add up to the 10% that most Mormons give.  He gives the church shares in companies.

Now at first it seems like an ungenerous gift.  Domino's Pizza was founded by a highly religious Catholic, and Burger King is hardly in line with Mormon teachings about healthy lifestyle.  AMC Movies hardly seems like a go-getter stock, either. Indeed, they all look like dogs.  Lack of conformance to the mission in itself wouldn't prevent LDS profiting.  The church doesn't publish its holdings, and after all, Mormon banker Parry Thomas was chief financier of the Las Vegas Strip, allowing the Teamsters and the mob to move money through his bank, later consulting with Howard Hughes and then lending to Steve Wynne.  LDS had no qualms about profiting from that source.

However, Mitt's shares do have something in common: they are big employers of youth, and in our current economic downturn, the church can better provide employment, particularly to its youth, if it has a say in the policies of major employers.  Does LDS exercise such an authority? Do they call up Domino's and Burger King and say, you'd better hire Mormons or else? Do they tell these employers, well, don't offer gay rights; or tell AMC, don't show gay movies, or else we'll start a big stink? We have no way of knowing.  What we do know is that every time you order a Domino's pizza your actions help the Mormons, shareholders in Domino's thanks to Mitt Romney.

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