Sunday, January 1, 2012

Romney ties to Utah child torture camps tarnished last campaign

We know that Idaho Senator Larry Craig, arrested for gay solicitation at the Minneapolis airport,  was one of Romney's biggest supporters until the ambition mad Romney tossed him under the bus on national television.  But Romney may need to be in full-bore flight from other supporters, who make Obama's problems with William Ayres seem trivial by comparison.

Romney's 2008 campaign finance chair in Utah, the most important position on the Romney campaign one would think, given his need for support there, was heavily involved in a children's charity entangled in accusations of torture, kidnapping, and abuse, including allegations of sexual abuse not unlike Second Mile.  Since these allegations mostly occurred before Robert Lichfield was Romney's finance chairman, one must assume Romney approved of the torture and "tough love" reformation of teens.

The accusations were apparently not unfounded as Lichfield's business partner was convicted of false imprisonment and assault on a child.

Lichfield, like Jerry Sandusky calling his autobiography "Touched", had some curious naming conventions for his troubled teen charity, calling the camp's transport service the "Teen Escort Service."  The charity still exists in form, although it is not in business anymore.

What Mitt Romney tells us is that he is a brilliant manager.  Yet, here he hired someone as Utah finance chairman who was accused of multiple crimes against children.  When the business partner was convicted, Lichfield resigned from the Romney campaign, but the question is what sort of hiring manager Mitt Romney would be as president, and the indications are not encouraging.

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