Thursday, January 26, 2012

Romney's hidden money and the attempt to minimize its significance

Having finally released his tax returns for the last year, which show income of $21 million per year and tax payments of $3 million, a very low rate, Mitt Romney now has to refile his campaign finance paperwork because his taxes show income from foreign accounts that did not make it into his financial disclosure forms.  His people have tried to minimize this and point at Gingrich, who missed some income.  But Romney's unreported foreign accounts held millions, and any foreign accounts that he did not derive U.S. income from are not included and probably still out there as yet unrevealed.

Today, it become clear that Republicans nationally do not want Romney as their candidate in preference to Gingrich. That doesn't mean Romney will lose, however, because some of the establishment and media are behind him, although Jeb Bush has conspicuously held back.  More than that, the Pentagon and CIA are behind Romney. Apparently they remember when Newt cut their budgets in the 1990s. Also, they probably think they can manage the whole "rich" thing over time with the usual complaints about minor Democratic foibles and intellectual elitism.  Romney also has a better chance in Florida than nationally because the Cuban community in Miami seems behind him, including Univision.  Still, the only real way they can win Florida is to steal it, so this will demonstrate or fail to demonstrate their power to manage the vote.

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