Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AP falsely declares Superdelegates have decided for Romney

Yesterday all the media were abuzz that the GOP superdelegates were saying Romney has won and forget about the rest of the primaries.  Indeed, Santorum and Gingrich more or less stopped campaigning.  However, if you read farther in the Associated Press article with this theme, you find that only 35 of 114 superdelegates  have endorsed Romney, barely 25% and lower than the 40% of primary votes Romney has been getting.  The reality of superdelegate votes, then, contradicts the story that Romney has won.


How much has Romney won? His vote total is still well below 5 million with the majority of contests over, barely more than he got from all states in 2008.


Hillary Clinton, in contrast, received close to 18 million votes in 2008. McCain, in 2008, received 9.8 million votes. Can Romney make 10 million?  It is improbable.

Meanwhile, as always, all is not well in the Romney family.  Not only did his cousin run against him, but five family members in Idaho have endorsed Ron Paul.


Things are better for Romney on the fundraising front, since two Marriotts have given $1.5 million (total) to the Romney effort.


When Mitt Romney was on the Marriott board of directors, it was the corporation practice to get kickbacks from vendors that went to the Marriotts while their customers had to eat higher costs from the vendors chosen by Marriott to serve them.


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