Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Romney "win" in Wisconsin again tainted by fraud; wife suggests he's impotent

"Romney sweep," "He's won," "Game changer," "The straw that broke the camel's back"

Romney spent millions on television ads in Wisconsin. Santorum spent nothing.  And Romney had to rely on electoral tricks and likely fraud to win that state.

The antics of rogue Waukesha County election clerk Kathy Nickolaus, a would be Katherine Harris,  were again on full display: holding back results, requiring precinct workers to bring their tapes in person to the county election office for tabulation, and then delivering 60% to Romney, his highest margin in the entire state except for Ozaukee County where the wealthy suburbs are.  No other counties besides these two gave Romney more than 60% and only 5 others in the SE corner of the state gave him 50%.

Nickolaus also abused the photo ID law, which is supposed to be on hold, to disenfranchise a voter.  Apparently these particular voters were targeted before the election.
Nickolaus was the same one who found extra votes to flip the Supreme Court election in 2011 (see link).

What else did she do in that election cycle? She prevented exit pollers from doing their work in Waukesha County, as reported on BradBlog

There was a smoking gun pointing to fraud in 2011: a poll tape dated before the election that was part of the recount.

Nothing was done except a lame fake "investigation" by Republicans.

Nickolaus was up to shenanigans in the August recall election, which prompted agonized calls to have Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder investigate.  Apparently there were problems with a previous election she superintended.  Holder did not pursue the investigation.

Of Romney's margin in Wisconsin as much as a third came from Waukesha County.

The real story is that Santorum almost won when unanswered anti-Santorum ads blanketed television for several weeks prior to the election. Romney underperformed even though the media treated him like he had already won, and it is a well known truism of elections that people like to vote for the winner.  Despite being the near-certain winner, he can't get a majority of Republican votes in any state, possibly the most personally unpopular candidate to front for a major party since Richard M. Nixon.

Strains were seen elsewhere in the Romney camp, where his wife made a startling "unintentional" admission.
She said Mitt Romney's is not STIFF, which you can find if you UNZIP him, suggesting he is sexually impotent.   It was treated as a joke, but the question is, did she know?

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