Friday, April 13, 2012

Romney intimate Fred Malek involved with animal cruelty and anti-semitism

The Romney campaign ought to be careful of making too much of the remarks of Hilary Rosen or other Democrats, because some of Romney's true intimates have skeletons of their own.

Fred Malek, a long time Republican operative, is planning  a fundraiser in honor of Ann Romney's birthday.
Malek is an old-time management consultant (Romney's original industry) who also serves on the board of directors of Marriott (Mitt's old board). Malek served Nixon as a Jew-finder in government when Nixon wanted to eliminate Jews from his administration; then Malek served Reagan in the OMB when Reagan tripled our national debt; then Malek served as convention and campaign chair for George H.W. Bush.

Mitt Romney has received quite a bit of support from Israeli groups who think that the republican party is better for Israel than Obama.  It would be bad for him to let the general Mormon antisemitism of his background leak to damage that reputation.  The Mormons do not have the strident violent antisemitism of the KKK and some Southern Baptists.  However, their view of Israel is highly negative and uninfluenced by millenial prophecies.  If Israel wakes to this fact, his standing among them will fall.

Malek has more skeletons than this however. In 1959, the year he graduated from West Point, he was arrested for barbecuing a dog in a public park in Peoria, Illinois.  Charges were dropped when his buddies said it was just their idea (and Malek said he was too drunk to stop them), but one must always have suspicion about a well-connected man whose friends cover for him.

Given Romney's problem with animal cruelty towards his own dog Seamus, he can ill afford to have an intimate friend publicly accused of particularly barbarous animal cruelty.

Hilary Rosen may be a millstone for Obama's neck, but surely Fred Malek is a true intimate of Romney and a man no president should be inviting to the White House for a chat.

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