Friday, April 6, 2012

Japan tries Romney style deregulation. The result? Fraud and disappearing pensions.

Japanese pensions are disappearing! The culprits? Privatizers who brought flawed Anglo-American conservative theory to bear on the pension system are responsible.

Mitt Romney wishes for more fraud in the USA

Meanwhile, fear is beginning to strike in the hearts of the 1%, heretofore so smug in running someone like Mitt Romney, an unpopular candidate, through electoral manipulation.  France's most important left politician is calling for 75% marginal taxes on the rich, and is leading in popularity.  If the US ever had such a candidate, who would certainly not be Obama, he or she would also be leading.

The Romneyites won't go down without a fight. God wills it, you see.  Mormons are being brought into line by whispers about the White Horse Prophecy, the "One Mighty and Strong" who would intervene to save the U.S. Constitution in order to (eventually) bring about the Mormon theocracy.  Romney has been celebrated (and ridiculed) as the One Mighty and Strong since his youth.

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