Thursday, May 17, 2012

Polls differ on Mitt the Hall Monitor

Nebraska and Oregon had primaries last week, but all you have heard is Romney won.  Since Ron Paul has suspended his campaign and Romney was officially unopposed, they felt justified not letting you know that Romney received only 71% unopposed in these two Republican states.  29% of Republicans could not  bring themselves to vote for their party's nominee.  Meanwhile, Obama's foray into gay rights appears to have ended any protest vote against his candidacy on the left.

Still, Republican pollsters have not decided how to handle the situation.  Fox News released a poll taken May 13-15 showing Obama with an eight point national lead.

Gallup had Romney even or even ahead, with improved likeability.

These differences are too large to be reconciled. They cannot both be correct. Most likely, neither is correct.  As a former employee in the market research industry, I know how far distant the effort and results are from the "statistical and scientific" basis they are claimed to have.  Exit polls are the only polls which are truly accurate, and in modern America, they never match the reported election results. Survey results follow the needs of the buyer, suggesting a split in Republican strategy.

Some believe that showing a gain will improve Romney's shaky standing with the GOP faithful and get independent and undecideds to view a personally unpopular man as well within the "normal parameters" of electoral politics.  This would be the Gallup crowd, probably tight with the campaign and receiving a belated tepid endorsement from George W. Bush this week.  The Fox crowd, perhaps the only big conservative media player not in some way tethered to Bain Capital, see that as stupid.  The theme that works best for them is Romney the underdog and victim of monumental Wall St. connected elitist intellectual Democrats.
Not for them the idea that Romney is pandering to gays because Wall St. is supporting Romney. Indeed, they are scrutinizing Obama's financial statements for evidence of Wall Street ties.$2m/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BuzzGames_Gamecore+%28TheShowbuzz%3A+Games+GameCore%29

In 2006, Romney's disclosure indicated ties to state run oil and gas companies in Russia and China that did business with Iran.  If a conservative opponent hadn't highlighted these investments, the public would never have known.

What's really interesting is the blackout of news on Romney's 2010 investments.

Certainly what he hasn't hidden doesn't show him as "independent" of Wall Street, including large holdings of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bonds.

His Goldman Sachs funds are heavily invested in foreign markets in 2010 as in 2007.

Republicans found that Romney continued to have investments in Chinese oil companies and companies doing business with Iran until he got rid of some of these in 2010.

The whole range and scope of Romney's investments will not be covered anywhere unless the Obama campaign does so.  Indeed, the media campaign is already set.  Anything negative Obama says about Romney will get free rebuttals to the issue from CBS, NBC, and ABC.  Anything negative Romney says about Obama, Obama will have to pay for an ad for a response.

In the meantime, despite attempts by the media to squelch the bully story, evidence continues to roll in that Romney gets physical when opposed, and being opposed can be as little as refusing to put a seat upright on a plane. Romney views himself as a kind of National Hall Monitor,  just as in high school, and he is not about to give up the Enforcer role.  George W. Bush is also correct to be wary of a man who could easily seek his prosecution.
2012 hand on shoulder to stop Perry from talking.  Romney's contractor hired the illegal, so his claim was disingenuous.

2010 altercation

2002 altercation
1981 altercation

By threatening legal action, he managed to avoid trouble for all of this.  But it all points to the Romney as bully theme being an accurate representation of his character.

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