Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Romney says he has clinched nomination

Romney today is claiming final victory in the Republican primary.

Other sources put him still 100-200 delegates off. Once again he received less than 70% of the popular vote, unopposed, in Texas.  Granted there were more Republican votes than Democratic votes in the Texas primary, but Texas has long been the most politically uninvolved state in the nation. It's part of how the rich maintain control.  In 2004, for example, only 33% of Texans voted for president, when a Texan was running, compared to 50% of Michiganders. Another possible cause may be inflated census numbers for Texas, since Florida with 7 million fewer residents always has a higher total vote than Texas, but that's an issue for another blog.

Romney's total votes for all primaries to date are hovering just under 8 million.  There are just five states left with primaries. In 2008, John McCain reached 9,840,746 votes compared to Romney's 4.5 million.  Will Romney be able to beat the McCain number?  He may, but it will be close.  California and New Jersey had about 2.6 million Republican votes in 2008, and if Romney wins two-thirds of them plus a big show in Utah, the final state, he might beat the McCain totals.

Meanwhile, Obama won 88% of the admittedly miserable Texan Democrat primary vote.  You won't see any stories about this, although you did see them last week when 40% of Democratic voters did not vote for him.

Texas is as Southern as any of the previous "protesting" states, but Texas did not protest Obama yesterday.
As for how many total votes Obama received, you won't see that on Wikipedia, where they don't count any state where he received 100% of the votes in coming up with a 4.5 million total. In practice, he has received more votes than Romney despite no effort and no real race.

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