Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romney apologizes for teenage bullying, pretends homophobia was not involved.

The news is buzzing with Romney's apology for teenage pranks.  One involved holding a male classmate down who had bleached his hair and forcibly cutting the hair, and another involved calling another male classmate a girl.

Romney gave the standard excuse for pre-Stonewall homophobia: I didn't even know what a homosexual was!

Of course they knew what a homosexual was. In over fifty years of hearing this excuse from my elders, I never met one who was telling the truth.  And besides,  says Romney, I don't remember!  But I'm sorry if anyone was offended!

Romney should say that he was a spoiled youth with an inflated sense of worth because of his powerful father, and friends and enemies who evaluated him based on his father.  He will never do that, however, because he still hasn't matured, nor can he speak honestly about his father.  A simple acknowledgement that politicians and businessmen like his father left Detroit the smoking ruin it is today, would be nice.  It will not be forthcoming.

Still, the media focus today is on his apology, not on the original article, which was not strictly about gays and included other "jokes" like when Romney purposely led a blind teacher into a door, when he disdained people from the wrong side of the tracks, and he would never "break up" with a girlfriend, but simply stop calling.

The truth is Romney is not reformed.  Just like George H.W. Bush, who resuscitated his teenage bullying as an adult by hiring Karl Rove to do it for him, at heart Romney is still a socially approved delinquent,

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