Saturday, May 5, 2012

Romney investment firm employs Ponzi scheme salesmen; is Romney's interest in profit making universities driven by personal financial interest?

Solamere Capital, a firm started by Mitt Romney's son and revolving around fundraiser Spencer Zwick, is employing castoffs from the fraudulent Stanford Financial Group, which bilked investors of billions.

The CDs offered by Stanford offered a fake return.

Allen Stanford was a failed Texas businessman who reinvented himself in Caribbean tax shelters, and allegedly through bribery and paying greedy people more than honest operators could expect, built a Ponzi empire and even got himself knighted.

He was eventually found guilty.

Solamere Capital, meanwhile, employs one of Meg Whitman's sons

That's Griff Harsh, who was charged with felony battery in 2006

Meg worked for Mitt Romney at Bain and was thought likely to be his vice-presidential nominee in 2008, but her failed run for California governor did not help her.   Perhaps Griff is another reason why. 

Anyway, I think we are closer to finding out why the Romney boys are on such a short leash.  And perhaps that sheds some insight into the parenting ways of the Romneys.  Are they running an employment service for the problem children of the rich?

One of Solamere's business lines is for-profit universities through TA, which Romney himself promotes (and receives contributions from.  Maybe he was better off financing his own campaigns).  Pay to Play for the Romney family?  Is their presidential scheme intended for personal enrichment?  Isn't a for-profit university just an expensive corruption and inappropriate privatization, like the for-profit charity consulting trend that failed ten years ago?  Jeb Bush wanted to privatize Florida's water supply, and maybe Romney has similar schemes up his sleeve.

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